100+ French Country Dining Room Decorations. How to Decorate French Country Style dining Room?

Dining Room
The French country dining room style is a beautiful and harmonious blend of vintage, rustic and shabby chic styles. You can create the French country dining room decoration by being inspired by yourself without any designer.

This will allow you to create a style with French chic and refined vintage furniture and a relaxing decoration. The main colors of the French country decor style are neutral, soft pastels and a little darker tones can be added. Add textures like floral prints and lace to make the dining room you’re decorating more appealing.

Metal, whitewashed or stained wood, stone, porcelain, metal and flooring, various rugs and curtains can be used to transform your dining area into a french country style. In furniture selection, you must choose it carefully to create the french country style you want. You can find some really cool vintage-inspired furniture at the flea market, thrift store, or your grandma’s house.

Sand, renovate and paint old items or furnitures for a French Country look. You can also use shabby rustic pieces, vintage furniture, DIY ideas if they fit your decor.

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