Décor items are too expensive nowadays? We will show you how to save money and create your our décor masterpieces in 5 minutes! Check out our brilliant ideas to make your home stylish and cozy!
The classical light bulb could be a very versatile item and might be converted into Christmas decoration or into an everlasting cute terrarium. Check out how to make cute bulb vase! These cute items could be an ideal decoration for your workplace too.
You’re gonna love our beautiful flower decor ideas for your room! Decorate your vase with lemons and check out smart idea how to use balloons for your flowers!
Arm knitting or giant knitting is one of the most popular knitting and décor trends now. Giant knitting has become more popular because it is quite unusual but at the same time very traditional technique. Oversized knit blankets look awesome and make your home cozy and stylish and you can surprise your friends with this unusual item.
Always wanted a stylish lamp that will express your creativity? You can make stylish and simple lights using your imagination and creativity. Here are a few tips for you – balloons and cotton can become a glowing cloud, use a glass jar and some paint to make a lamp with fairies. You can also reach a cool magical effect by attaching glass drops to a glass jar. Put a light inside and enjoy the magic!
Glass drops are awesome to decorate some plain objects like jars and vases. You can also reach a cool magical effect by attaching glass drops to a glass jar. Put a light inside and enjoy the magic!
Using a cool lamp, you can make your room cozy and cute. Use the ideas from the video and don’t forget to tell me which one is your favorite in the comments.
Watch our video and find more lovely ideas: handmade fluffy bunnies, how to make a romantic gift, how to make your photos even cooler!

00:36 Terrarium idea
02:28 Baby footprint
03:21 Handmade fluffy bunnies
06:57 DIY Cloud Lamp


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