How to decorate your apartment or house

Check out this amazing compilation of super useful hacks and crafts! Plus truly remarkable ideas for the family memory!

1. How to transfer an image on a… stone!
You will need a clean stone and some school glue (PVA glue). Using a kitchen sponge, apply a thick layer of glue on the stone. Now take a printed image and place in over the stone, so the image looks down. Make sure you to print in reverse direction if you print a text 😉 Let dry. Now take some water, and using a clean kitchen sponge and your hands, rub the paper away. Done! With this simple tutorial you can transfer an image onto any surface.

2. Fun shaving cream art ideas
You may use shaving foam not only to shave. Try these cool ideas out! It will come in handy as a last-minute DIY gift card decoration. Just mix the foam with some food dye and transfer this pattern to the postcard. It will create an amazing marble effect.

Don’t put the food dye aside. You will need it for the next craft – awesome DIY jelly fish you can make at home. Put some water in a big transparent glass and place some shaving foam on top to form a cloud. Now add a few drops of different color to the glass through the foam – see the magic happening. It’s a colorful jelly fish in a glass!

You will still need food coloring for the next DIY. Take several small bowls with school glue and add some shaving foam in each of them. Now add a few drops of different food colorings in each bowl. Done! Now you have a colored puffy paint. You can create wonderful 3D paintings. 13:33

You can even make a slime with shaving foam. You will need to mix some transparent school glue with food coloring of your choice and some shaving foam. Great job! Mix it well and you will get a cool and bright slime!

3. Balloon anti-stress 19:56
Take a balloon and pour some toothpaste inside. Tie a balloon carefully to avoid leaking. You’ve just transformed a balloon into a cool DIY anti-stress ball.

02:47 New way to use your old pantyhose
07:39 Beautiful macrame ideas
12:14 Colorful shaving foam ideas
16:41 Cool DIY candles
21:49 Don’t throw away pizza boxes
29:57 How to transfer an image to a T-shirt

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