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Dining Room
You guys! Welcome to the new Mr. Kate YouTube series called Breaking Beige! We are taking our decorating craziness on the road as we help people get out of their creative ruts. People send us videos of their boring spaces and we come in and give the rooms a new colorful life! Special thanks to BEHR paint for sponsoring Breaking Beige and for staying #TrueToHue! Make sure and subscribe to my channel here: http://bit.ly/1HXmip0 so that you can see all of the upcoming episodes of Breaking Beige as they come out!

For this episode we used BEHR’s Marquee line (http://www.behr.com/consumer/products/interior-paint-and-primer/behr-marquee-matte) for the base wall color and their Premium Ultra Plus line (http://www.behr.com/consumer/products/interior-paint-and-primer/behr-premium-plus-ultra-matte) for the mural colors! The color for the room was Summer House and the colors used for the mural were: Green Parakeet, Lotus Petal, Ballerina Tutu, Midnight Blue, Storm Lighting, Blackout, Dew Pointe, & Race Car Stripe.

For Before and After photos & shopping links make sure to check out the blog post for this video: (http://bit.ly/1EsNQld)

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Music Tracks:Working Class Rock – Full Mix.aiff, Rock _ Blow – Narr.aiff, Honky Tonk Rock.aiff, Rock Invasion – Full Mix.aiff, Big Hit 30.wav
Video directed and edited by: Brad Etter
Produced by: Mr. Kate Inc.

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