APARTMENT DECORATING TIPS | Renter-Friendly Hacks | Julie Khuu

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Check out this video for easy ways to upgrade your rental apartment. My favorite tricks of the trade for renters or anyone looking to make minor updates to your home. Get 100% of your security deposit back with these reversible decorating hacks for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more!

Comment below if you want to see a future DIY video from any of these featured hacks!

1:18 https://bit.ly/3fRvSTs
1:22 https://bit.ly/3dLOUsE
1:26 https://bit.ly/2LGbRBP
1:30 https://bit.ly/2Z05fGd
2:43 https://bit.ly/2Xv9mJ6
2:51 https://bit.ly/2Wu9Ajc
4:12 https://bit.ly/35XOTzi
4:16 https://bit.ly/2T84c35
4:16 https://bit.ly/35XC5cf
4:27 https://bit.ly/3fRr6FR
4:38 https://bit.ly/35XrTAu
5:25 sold out, similar https://bit.ly/2Xtgqpy
5:38 https://bit.ly/3cyaOzj
5:46 https://bit.ly/3cz7cNI
5:57 sold out, similar https://bit.ly/3gQhw6m
6:00 https://bit.ly/2LvUYcR
6:26 https://bit.ly/2WvF2gP
6:44 https://bit.ly/2LslTGp
6:52 https://bit.ly/2Z3OD0g
6:52 https://bit.ly/2LqogcT
7:05 sold out, similar https://bit.ly/3cqK96J
7:09 https://bit.ly/3bydU5g
7:16 sold out, similar https://bit.ly/2zYysqS

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