Blah Attic Turned Afro Modern Mid Century Den/Bedroom & Home Office – Design Potential S1 Ep5

“Design Potential” is THE home decorating and design show for you if sometimes you look at your room and think… just throw the whole room away! LOL!

In this episode, I show you how I maximized the potential in a blah attic and using the zone theory I turned the space into three separate zones. There are tons of ideas in this video you can use in your own home even if its not an attic space.

Using my custom on a budget philosophy in the grilling zone I mixed new purchases with thrifted and repurposed furnishings and decor. Watch this video for inspiration and ideas to add more Boho and retro vibe to your home!

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Trust me, every room has great design potential and I’m going to help you become way more confident transforming your home like a pro!

This is a great DIY project that can be temporary or permanent. When you’re no longer feeling the vibe you can easily change it up!

In each episode I share the 5 key areas you should give your attention to maximize any room in your home. You’ll walk away with inspiration, motivation and way more confidence to refresh your space the custom on a budget way!

Every episode has easy simple tips that you can use when designing and decorating your own home.

How to Create an Afro Boho Accent Wall –

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Denise Joy

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