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So green and actually green design as sustainable, not green the color is actually easy to achieve. There’s a couple of tips that you should probably stick to. One is reusing. So if you have items around the home or maybe going to an antique store or maybe going to a garage sale, reuse what somebody else no longer needs, or what you’re bored of in one room, put it in another room.
That’s saves on energy and having to make new pieces of furniture and it really saves the environment.

Two is go local. Why go all the way to China for something and you’re using precious oils and energies and manpower to get it here when it’s already around you. And you’d be surprised what’s around you, if you just walk around your neighborhood. Even using the internet to find things that are around you. Three, make sure you’re worrying about the energy that you consume. So light bulbs, you want to make sure that they’re energy efficient when possible.

Make sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room. You know, different materials that you’re using. You know, why use synthetics when you can use things like cottons and linens and wool’s? Not only will they last a really long time, but they’re beautiful. And so, you don’t have to worry about the initial cost that you’re putting into them, because they’re going to last a lot longer than something that’s synthetic, anyway.

There are some really big ideas in little ways and movements. Don’t feel like you have to go out and just totally do a solar panel on every room in your house to go green. You can use little things and the little decisions to make up a sustainable design element. So those are my tips for sustainable design, and use it every day, a little bit goes a long way in green.

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