How to Decorate a Kids Room – Home Décor

Kids Room
How to Decorate a Kids Room – Home Décor – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Kid’s bedrooms are so much fun and you should have fun with your kids’ bedrooms. Think about the kind of activities your child or children like and try to incorporate them into their bedrooms. This is an example of a boy’s bedroom. It can be made for girls depending on the color. You just have to change tweak a few things. There is a little mini basketball court in their bedroom which you can create by just going to one of the local catalog stores or go online to the catalog and get a basketball net and you can match it to the wall, you can match it to a piece of furniture and your kids can have some fun playing basketball. In this particular bedroom there is a loft. The bed is on the bottom, not on the top. Depending on the height of your ceilings you can switch those functions and of course you can put the bed on top if you wanted to and put a desk underneath, however it is going to work best for you. The bed has a trundle. There also is a punching bag, there is a climbing net, there is climbing wall. What is really fun is you can use wall paper and paint interchangeably. You do not have to wall paper if you like a wall paper you do not have to use it on every wall. You can use it just in one area. In this room it is used just behind the bed. The wall paint in this room is very, very calm and soft. It is a very soft, neutral color because there is so much going on.

So when you are planning your room you should think about balance. You are not limited to using fabric on pillows. You can use that fabric and having it backed with paper to use on your walls and that is what was done in this particular case. And tons and tons of pillows especially for a girl’s room is just so much fun so you can just buy a lot of pillows and put them on the bed and really create a feeling of comfort and happiness and really have a great time with it. So you have a lot of options when you are working with your children’s rooms. But again remember that it is function first. So if they like sports try to integrate sports. If they like dolls try to integrate dolls and doll houses. If they like cars and it can be as extensive as you want. It can be really simple by just buying a car bed or it can be much more extensive by hire a designer that is specifically in the shape of a car that you like.

You can also keep the bedroom very simple and still create a feeling with it. This is an example of a very simple girl’s bedroom. A beautiful pink color on the wall, and a bookcase and a very nice bedspread . When you are thinking about paint color for your daughter’s room or your son’s room, you want to make sure that that color has a lightness to it and a happiness to it. And the way that you do that is you compare it against other colors and you go over to the natural light and you take your paint color and just make sure that it pops and it has some happiness to it. If you keep that adjective in mind that is a big factor in helping to plan the children’s rooms. So in summary, you can do a lot with your children’s rooms. You need to think about what functions you need, what look you want to create, and what is the most important thing. And then take it from there and I am sure you will do great.

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