How to Decorate Your Dining Room – Home Décor

Dining Room
How to Decorate Your Dining Room – Home Décor – as part of the home design series by GeoBeats.

Let us talk about what you need to do to create a terrific looking dining room. In this particular example, we have taken a large dining room and created a really comfortable space. Even though it has a look of kind of a baronial hall, it still invites you in. We chose here to do a dining room table that was a little bit more contemporary than normal, especially given the fact that this is quite a traditional house. The dining room table has a concrete base and a very thick wood top and we have paired that with some beautiful traditional chairs. And notice that we did not do the chairs in the same finish as the one next to it. Each chair, every other chair rather, is a different fabric so that it gives a little bit more interest to the eye.

We also put in window coverings that pick up the color and the texture of the solid colored fabric that is on the chairs. All of this combines together to make a really beautiful look. One of the most important things in this room is what we call the fifth wall or the ceiling. Take a look at this ceiling and is not that spectacular? The ceiling has got a beautiful stenciled detail on it that was done by a professional painter however it is something that you might be able to attempt your own in a smaller space. We also have the walls painted in a beautiful gessoed finish with red and then gold gessoed on top so it gives a tremendous three dimensional look as well as a lot of color and a lot of drama for this particular room.

If you have a small space, round table believe it not is not the answer for you. A rectangular table is much better. Whenever you have a round table and you want to expand it to add more seating, you have to expand every single dimension on that table so it grows to be much larger than the room itself. What you want to do is use a rectangular or an oval table so if you need to expand it you are only expanding the length. You are not expanding the width and the depth as well. So think about using a rectangle or an oval table when you have got a small space to fill.

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