Living-room Lighting – Ideas for decorating room | 45 Home decoration ideas

Living Room
Correctly selected light has the property to change the mood, create an intimate or working environment, calm or, on the contrary, serve as an irritant. Interior lighting is selected depending on the functionality of the room. We always want to create harmony in the home or office.
In addition to functionality, light can also perform decorative function. Correctly arranging fixtures, sconces, floor lamps and choosing the brightness and color of lighting, you can significantly change the internal appearance of the house. Then lighting becomes one of the most important components of the interior, turning into a decoration. Decorative lighting will help to hide flaws, create the illusion of playing light with a shadow, thereby emphasizing the dignity of the room.
The interior in modern style is a free room without partitions or borders. The more light there is in it, the air is better. It should be harmoniously divided into functional zones created by correctly arranged furniture.
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