Small Room Design for Decorating Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Small Room Design for Decorating Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A bedroom is one of the spaces in the house that should prioritize comfort. It could be achieved by planning the right color scheme for wall and furniture, selecting furniture and interior accessories also arranging the room to get a neat and spacious space. But what if the bedroom has a narrow space? Exploration of interior design is necessary to overcome the problem so that the room does not look crowded and make the owner feel comfortable to rest and spend time in their own bedroom.

Bedrooms with wooden canopies and headboard in floating shelves type which are attached to the walls can be a stylish choice for narrow bedrooms (00:25). Shabby vernacular style of bedrooms with additional candles and wooden decorations as interior accessories will build a cozy and warm feeling. For a more modern theme, it can use a short headboard bed and instead of floating shelves, hanging cabinet is used on the top of the headboard (16: 3 & 21:07).

Small bedroom space for two children can be addressed by using bunk beds type. Modern bunk beds using wall cabinet can be one of the narrow room setup solutions (01:53). Use bright colors and automotive themes for the boys’ room to make them feel at home in their own private room. As for the girls, it can use the bunk beds where at the bottom is used for a playground or a place to relax (15:48) to the storage (19:43).

The right color scheme is needed to make the narrow room more spacious. Bright colors such as white for walls and bright pine wood for furniture can be the choice of a quiet narrow bedroom color scheme (9:18). Monochrome color schemes can also be one of the alternative choices. Use wallpaper patterned on one side only so that space does not look full (10:19). For furniture arrangement, it can use the built-in wardrobe inside the wall with a sliding or curtain door so as not to take up much space (13:52). In addition, the bottom area of the bed can be utilized as a storage drawer to save space in the bedroom (15:34).

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